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Creating Climate projections to support the 4th California Climate Assessment
Description: "We have generated daily, 1/16 degree spatial resolution (about 6 km, or 3.7 miles) climate projections over the state of California to support the 4th California Climate Assessment. We started with data from 32 coarse-resolution global climate models (GC
Publication Date: Jun 13, 2016
Topics: California: Statewide / Downscaling, How to / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Temperature / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

What is Downscaling?
Description: An explanation of how global climate models can be downscaled in order to apply them to smaller local areas. (Climate Commons)
Publication Date: Mar 1, 2016
Topics: Downscaling, How to /

Perspectives and Guidance for Climate Change Analysis
Description: Report of DWR's Climate Change Technical Advisory Group. Guidance on selecting a global climate model (GCM), planning for extreme conditions, and downscaling from models. SCVWD's own Sarah Young served on this committee.
Source: California. Dept. of Water Resources
Publication Date: Aug 14, 2015
Topics: California: Statewide / Models and Tools / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Water utilities guidance / Downscaling, How to /

Actionable Science in Practice: Co-producing Climate Change Information for Water Utility Vulnerability Assessments
Description: Four water utilities worked on downscaling climate models in order to determine their vulnerabilities.
Source: Water Utility Climate Alliance
Publication Date: Apr 27, 2015
Topics: Adaptation / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Water utilities guidance / Downscaling, How to /

Adapting California's Ecosystems to a Changing Climate
Description: "Significant efforts are underway to translate improved understanding of how climate change is altering ecosystems into practical actions for sustaining ecosystem functions and benefits. We explore this transition in California, where adaptation and mitig
Publication Date: Feb 11, 2015
Topics: Adaptation / California: Statewide / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Downscaling, How to /

Twenty-First-Century Precipitation Changes over the Los Angeles Region
Description: "A new hybrid statistical-dynamical downscaling technique is described to project mid- and end-of-21st century local precipitation changes associated with 36 global climate models (GCMs) in phase 5 of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project archive over
Source: University of California, Los Angeles
Publication Date: Dec 11, 2014
Topics: California: Statewide / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Downscaling, How to /

Statistical Downscaling Using Localized Constructed Analogs (LOCA)
Description: "A new technique for statistically downscaling climate model simulations of daily temperature and precipitation is introduced and demonstrated over the western United States. The localized constructed analogs (LOCA) method produces downscaled estimates su
Publication Date: Jul 7, 2014
Topics: Models and Tools / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Temperature / Downscaling, How to /

CMIP5 Updated Climate Models: Implications for Western Water Management
Description: "The results from the global climate models behind the latest IPCC Assessment, now in its fifth iteration, have been released. These models, called CMIP5, have been downscaled for western states by the US Bureau of Reclamation. Many western water managers
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2013
Topics: Models and Tools / Downscaling, How to / Video Training /

Preparing Hydro-climate Inputs for Climate Change in Water Resource Planning
Description: "This module describes the process of selecting the best available climate projection information and using it to develop 'climate-adjusted weather' inputs to be used for modeling climate change impacts. These modeled impacts can be used for planning of f
Publication Date: Oct 25, 2012
Topics: Models and Tools / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Water utilities guidance / Downscaling, How to /

A holistic approach to guide development of future climate scenarios for water-resource applications
Description: "Changes in climate are expected to have a substantial impact on water resources. Consequently, numerous hydrologists have studied the widely recognized challenge of using climate-change projections to address questions related to management of future wat
Publication Date: Apr 3, 2012
Topics: Models and Tools / Water utilities guidance / Downscaling, How to /


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