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San Francisco Bay Shoreline Adaptation Atlas
Description: "A critical tool for this process is a science-based framework for developing adaptation strategies that are appropriate for the diverse shoreline of the Bay and that take advantage of natural processes. This report propsoes such a framework. Operational
Source: San Francisco Estuary Institute
Publication Date: May 2, 2019
Topics: Adaptation / California: Bay Area and Delta / Flooding / Sea level rise /

Planning for Rising Waters: Sea Level, Groundwater and the Bay Edge
Description: "For years most coastal and Bay communities have focused their efforts on responding to sea level rise by planning and building sea walls, berms and other protective barriers against the water that will come ashore and threaten properties, shore ecosystem
Source: University of California, Berkeley
Publication Date: Apr 24, 2019
Topics: California: Bay Area and Delta / Flooding / Groundwater / Sea level rise /

Climate damages and adaptation potential across diverse sectors of the United States
Description: "There is a growing capability to project the impacts and economic effects of climate change across multiple sectors. This information is needed to inform decisions regarding the diversity and magnitude of future climate impacts and explore how mitigation
Source: United States. Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: Apr 8, 2019
Topics: Agriculture / Economic aspects, Costs / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Flooding / Global issues, human impacts / Sea level rise / Temperature / Water quality / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Wildfires /

Climate Action Plan, Phase 3: Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment
Description: "This climate change vulnerability assessment (VA) provides the first evaluation of its kind for facilities owned and operated by DWR and the activities that DWR performs. This analysis draws from the extensive body of knowledge about climate change and a
Source: California. Dept. of Water Resources
Publication Date: Apr 2, 2019
Topics: California: Statewide / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Sea level rise / Temperature / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Wildfires /

Proposed Policy to Plan for Sea Level Rise
Description: "The Policy will serve as guidance in developing the more detailed Sea Level Rise Adaptation Plan to protect Palo Alto’s neighborhoods, economy, and Baylands habitat. . . . The Plan will be delivered for Council review by December 2020 and will serve as t
Publication Date: Mar 18, 2019
Topics: Adaptation / California: Bay Area and Delta / Land Use, environmental management systems, and regulation / Sea level rise /

Dynamic flood modeling essential to assess the coastal impacts of climate change
Description: "Coastal inundation due to sea level rise (SLR) is projected to displace hundreds of millions of people worldwide over the next century, creating significant economic, humanitarian, and national-security challenges. However, the majority of previous effor
Source: United States. Geological Survey
Publication Date: Mar 13, 2019
Topics: California: Statewide / Flooding / Sea level rise /

Wetland carbon storage controlled by millennial-scale variation in relative sea-level rise
Description: "Coastal wetlands (mangrove, tidal marsh and seagrass) sustain the highest rates of carbon sequestration per unit area of all natural systems, primarily because of their comparatively high productivity and preservation of organic carbon within sedimentary
Publication Date: Mar 6, 2019
Topics: Ecosystem Services and Climate Change / Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, mitigation / Sea level rise /

Marin County Sea Level Rise Publications
Description: Marin ocean coast sea level rise adaptation report and vulnerability assessment. "The Adaptation Report is not a plan, but rather an informational document compiling adaptation options proposed to date to set the foundation for continued planning in West
Publication Date: Dec 11, 2018
Topics: Adaptation / California: Bay Area and Delta / Sea level rise /

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective
Description: Annual special report from the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society that "presents assessments of how human-caused climate change may have affected the strength and likelihood of individual extreme events."
Publication Date: Dec 10, 2018
Topics: Drought / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Sea level rise / Temperature / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Wildfires /

Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States
Description: "This report, Volume II, draws on the foundational science described in Volume I, the Climate Science Special Report (CSSR). Volume II focuses on the human welfare, societal, and environmental elements of climate change and variability for 10 regions and
Source: United States. Global Change Research Program
Publication Date: Nov 23, 2018
Topics: Adaptation / Agriculture / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Energy management and conservation / Global issues, human impacts / Sea level rise / Water quality / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /


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