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Board Discussions

Board Discussion Dates Item no. (link to video) Topic (link to agenda package)
June 12, 2018 6.2 Update on Climate Change Adaptation and Preparation of a Climate Change Action Plan
June 13, 2017 5.1 Climate Change Mitigation - Update on Progress Towards Carbon Neutrality by 2020
May 24, 2016 6.1 Climate Change Adaptation - Update on Progress
October 27, 2015 3.10 Climate Change Mitigation- Update on Progress Towards Carbon Neutrality by 2020
August 25, 2015 7.2 Response to 2014-2015 Santa Clara County Grand Jury Report entitled "A Slow Moving Emergency - Sea Level Rise"
October 28, 2014 5.1 Climate Change Mitigation - Update on Progress Toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2020
July 8, 2014 5.1 Flood Protection and Climate Change
May 27, 2014 4.5 Climate Change Mitigation - Update on Energy Project
April 22, 2014 6.2 Recommended Position on AB 2516 (Gordon) Sea Level Rise Planning: Database
November 26, 2013 4.2

Global Climate Change - Adaptation
Handout A - Libby Lucas
Global Climate Change - Mitigation
August 27, 2013 9.1 Climate Investment Divestment Restriction
March 26, 2013 4.1 Update on Progress and Approach Toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2020
March 26, 2013 4.2 Energy Optimization Plan Development Update
November 27, 2012 4.1 Energy Management Update
Supplemental Energy Management Update
August 20, 2012 9.1 Work Study Session, Policy E.4-3. Strive for Zero Net Greenhouse Gas Emission or Carbon Neutrality: Table; Policy Revisions
July 10, 2012 3.5 Lower Peninsula Flood Protection and Watershed Advisory Committee - Consideration of Advisory Committee's Policy Recommendations and Requests, Associated Staff Analyses, and Annual Work Plans (including sea level rise)
June 26, 2012 4.1 Energy Management Update
December 5, 2011 4.1 Work Study Session on Energy Management
January 29, 2008 3 Work Study Session on Climate Change and Water Resources in Santa Clara County


Board Member Presentations

  1. Sea Level Rise Risks & Adaptation: A presentation by Director Linda LeZotte to the State of the Estuary Conference, Oct. 29, 2013.
  2. Sea Level Rise: Risks & Adaptation: Presentation by Director Linda LeZotte to the Campbell Lions Club, Sept. 10, 2013.
  3. Water and Watershed Resiliency to Climate: Commitments at the Personal and Agency Levels: Presentation by SCVWD Director Brian Schmidt to Sustainable Silicon Valley. Slides (May 2012)
  4. Managing the Energy-Water Nexus in Silicon Valley: Presentation by Board director Linda LeZotte, June 2011.


Staff Presentations

  1. Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise in Santa Clara County: Conference presented by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. Summary and video from the conference. Slides from presentation by SCVWD's Melanie Richardson on flood risk and sea level rise on the South Bay Shoreline.
  2. Responding to Climate Change: Presentation by CEO Beau Goldie to the Floodplain Management Association, Sept. 3, 2014.
  3. Community Choice Aggregation: Memo on a new method for developing an alternative, local energy supply, from Chief Operating Officer Jim Fiedler to the SCVWD Board.
  4. Climate Resilient Water Resources Planning: A Local Perspective: Presentation to Dept. of Water Resources by Sarah Young, Aug. 23, 2013.
  5. Three Water Agencies in California and Washington Pursue GHG-Free Water: Water systems are notoriously energy intensive and utilities are beginning to seek greenhouse gas reduction as a means to lessen their environmental impact. Three water utility greenhouse gas reduction programs of varying completion are explored during this webinar. The utilities address questions from other interested agencies. (Webinar by our own Sarah Young and staff from Sonoma County Water Agency and Seattle Public Utilities.) Slides (Jun. 20, 2013, 1 hour, 28 min.)
  6. Update on Progress and Approach Toward Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2020: Board meeting of March 26, 2013. Presentation by Frank Maitski and Sarah Young. (See Item 4.1)
  7. Energy and Water Nexus Summit: Video from conference of October 2012, including presentations by Jim Fiedler and Frank Maitski. (Bay Planning Council)
  8. Integrating Sea Level Rise Considerations in the South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project: Presentation by SCVWD Watersheds COO Norma Camacho at Planning for the Bay of the Future: Resources for Coastal Climate Change Adaptation, May 2012. Summary
  9. Santa Clara Valley Water District Board Work Study Session on Climate Change: Special Board meeting, Jan. 29, 2008. Agenda materials


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